Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 3 with the $50 Literati ereader.

today is the third day that iv been able to mess with this reader. its pretty bad on its own but it looks to be running linux.

figured out WPA security doesnt work on it.
there is a easy was to rediect the store tab to any web site  by using the koboe-reader.conf and changing addresses so that was fun. the mobile version of facebook didnt work sadly for some reason.

on another note i have found out how to force changes on to the device using a koboRoot.tgz file. more details to come.

i beleave this device is running a version of arm linux.

the cpu is a arm11 cpu at 665mhz inside a Samsung S3C6410 nice little chip. there is a usb wifi dongle inside which means yes hub and multi able devices.
ill post more when more testing is done.