Thursday, December 1, 2011

long awaited update

months ago was swarmmed by bots and lacked administration. a month went by as members tried to contact the owner to no avail. the group decided to move into its new home which was kindly hosted by wookie one of the forum members.

progress was made in bringing a full linux distro to the literati aliosa27  was the first member to port debian over to the literati and takes advantage of the 2.6.38 kernel booting off of the sd card.

there has also been some testing of the 3.2 kernel done by mozzwald so far he has got the kernel to boot but the device hangs when booting from sd and there are still some screen issues.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Literati hacking progress

Well we made alittle progress with the literati. ygator over at came up with a way to get battlezone for the atari to work on the literati which is neat.

There has also been news that android is running on the device. so far i have only been able to get the kernel to boot on the literati but have not been able to get the display to, well display anything.

So far im the only dev who's shown proof that android works. grant it, its just a 2 minute video of me showing a command prompt with the kernel message booting.

ended up bricking my new white literati but i have a friend send a new one to use and i hope to revive my old one.

Hardware finds:
found out that there is a serial port and 2 usb hosts on the literati. one in the mini usb and the other is where the wireless dongle is attached.

there is also a 2nd or 3rd version of the literati which is more compact with SMD parts galore and broken into modules.
This is where im posting hardware finds when i feel there needed or currently helpful.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Literati eReader internals

straight out of my notes on this device.
the literati is running arm linux using QT embedded.
there is a FTP User which leads me to beleave there is a FTP service that can be launched from the int.d/rcs file
there is no password for that user.

the s3c6410 chip runs at 665mhz and has the ability to support a 4 wire touch pad. there is also usb host support which the wireless is connected to.

/usr/local/Kobo/nickel -qws
is run to start up the kobo app, if you comment this out in the int.d the device seems to freeze on the boot screen.

to update files on the literati as of now you must go into the internal storage of the device via the usb and add a the following

/.kobo/KoboRoot.tgz "Visual update"
/.kobo/upgrade/Upgrade.tgz "Silent update"

KoboRoot.tgz and Upgrade.tgz both have the same file structure.
basicly if you want to put a file into a directory you just have to tgz it into the folder that it would be placed into. "." being the lowest folder on the disk.

2 screws under the silver band hold the device together.
The bottom piece pops off and the big black backing
can be slid up to remove it as well

looking at this device you will notice the sd card slot at the top. this looks to have originally been at the bottom for another device but was wired up to the top via the silver wires on the left of the device. also if you look to the right of the sd card slot you will see the wireless card. this is a usb based wireless dongle.

in theory you could add a usb hub and add more devices such as bluetooth, 3G, keyboard, mice anything.

you should check out the s3c6410 development devices. samsung released sources for linux, android and wince6 for the device. this was is the site im using for documentation
i downloaded alot of the source from here

Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 3 with the $50 Literati ereader.

today is the third day that iv been able to mess with this reader. its pretty bad on its own but it looks to be running linux.

figured out WPA security doesnt work on it.
there is a easy was to rediect the store tab to any web site  by using the koboe-reader.conf and changing addresses so that was fun. the mobile version of facebook didnt work sadly for some reason.

on another note i have found out how to force changes on to the device using a koboRoot.tgz file. more details to come.

i beleave this device is running a version of arm linux.

the cpu is a arm11 cpu at 665mhz inside a Samsung S3C6410 nice little chip. there is a usb wifi dongle inside which means yes hub and multi able devices.
ill post more when more testing is done.