Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Literati hacking progress

Well we made alittle progress with the literati. ygator over at http://literatidevs.com came up with a way to get battlezone for the atari to work on the literati which is neat.

There has also been news that android is running on the device. so far i have only been able to get the kernel to boot on the literati but have not been able to get the display to, well display anything.

So far im the only dev who's shown proof that android works. grant it, its just a 2 minute video of me showing a command prompt with the kernel message booting.

ended up bricking my new white literati but i have a friend send a new one to use and i hope to revive my old one.

Hardware finds:
found out that there is a serial port and 2 usb hosts on the literati. one in the mini usb and the other is where the wireless dongle is attached.

there is also a 2nd or 3rd version of the literati which is more compact with SMD parts galore and broken into modules.
This is where im posting hardware finds when i feel there needed or currently helpful.