Thursday, December 1, 2011

long awaited update

months ago was swarmmed by bots and lacked administration. a month went by as members tried to contact the owner to no avail. the group decided to move into its new home which was kindly hosted by wookie one of the forum members.

progress was made in bringing a full linux distro to the literati aliosa27  was the first member to port debian over to the literati and takes advantage of the 2.6.38 kernel booting off of the sd card.

there has also been some testing of the 3.2 kernel done by mozzwald so far he has got the kernel to boot but the device hangs when booting from sd and there are still some screen issues.


  1. Hey,

    Any idea what happened to the forums? It seems they're gone. Also, since nobody with the skills and the time appears to be working on this anymore, do you know if there's any chance that we contact the original developers to ask them to opensource the firmware? The way I see it, it doesn't hurt to ask. If only I knew the way to contact them. I like my Literati (I suppose I'm one of the few who could say that), and if only the firmware could be updated with some fixes and improvements, I would be so happy.

    1. Hey Jessica, i just spoke with wookie(the host) and he has told me that spammers(which has always been a big issue) found a way to inject code and virus's into the forum and used it to spread. so the host provider has removed the subdomain. wookie has been kind enough to provide me with a backup of the sqldb and we are working on getting a new forum up.

  2. I plan on releasing everything..The forum disappeared before I was able to.

  3. I found your blog from a post on the old forums.

    Most of the software is already open source and can be found
    However, the main software (nickel) is not.

    I take it no luck on a new forum as it has over 6 week.

    When do you plan on releasing everything?


  4. I can host the forums if you need that, by the way. I have my own VPS. I'm really interested in seeing more progress in this, as I am still enjoying my literati, but, as I already said, would love to have some improvements in it.

  5. By the way, if you need more literatis for development, I think they're even cheaper now on Amazon. I believe I saw them for like $35. There's also some pre-owned ones at Ebay.

  6. I haven't messed with my literati's in months but just saw it on my shelf again. Thought about giving it another whirl. Any news on the literati front? Aliosa ever post anything new?

  7. Joseph,

    I have not seen anything from aliosa27 other then the couple of posts. On "Literati hacking progress" he posted on June 29, 2011 (over a year ago) that he posted something on literatidevs and was waiting for it to be moderated. Since that board is basically defunct now we will not get to see what he posted there.

    Then there is a post above from him on April 25, 2012 (3 months ago) saying he was going to release everything, but that was the last of it.

    You can always just post here. For files you could put them up on a file sharing website.

  8. Does anyone have a backup of the literati forum? There was some valuable info in there. I can't remember how to flash a new kernel :)

  9. Any movement on the Literati and running another kernel?